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COSIGN Conversations Podcast 004: CJ Miles | Powered by: KD’s Custom Jewelry

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In episode 4 of the #COSIGNConversations podcast we chat with CJ Miles, a professional basketball player in the NBA who was drafted in 2005 to the  Utah Jazz right out of high school. Miles is also a Dallas, TX native, husband, father, creative, and music artist who recently released his single titled, “FREE”.

In this episode CJ Miles talks:

-What it was like bing coached by Jerry Sloan-Shares 2 exclusive Kobe Bryant stories

-What it was like being drafted right out of high school-How to stay mentally tough

-How to remain discipline and the importance of working hard and showing up

-Fatherhood and being a girl dad-Advice for young athletes who want to pursue basketball professionally

-Plus more…

Stay tuned with COSIGN Magazine by visiting us at and on Instagram at @COSIGNMag and follow CJ Miles on instagram at @MasFresco

This episode is sponsored by KD’s Custom Jewelry.

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