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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Marcus Gilmore, Founding Editor of | COSIGN #3 of 1K

Marcus Gilmore Founding Editor of #COSIGNed by: K.G. Graham (@COSIGNKG) Instagram: @MARCUSDGILMORE WEBSITE: Marcus Gilmore is a UNT

#1000COSIGNs, Lifestyle

1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Eric Ford The “Visual Curator” | COSIGN #2 of 1K

Eric Ford Visual Curator at Kidd Ford #COSIGNed By: K.G. Graham (@COSIGNKG) INSTAGRAM: @RANGER_UP WEBSITE: Based in Houston, TX

#1000COSIGNs, Lifestyle

1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Stephania Schirru CEO & Founder Of Dynamically Branded | COSIGN #1 of 1K

Stephania Schirru CEO/Founder of Dynamically Branded, LLC #COSIGNed By: K.G. Graham (@COSIGNKG) INSTAGRAM: @MSLALLY9 WEBSITE: Born in Libreville, Gabon


WTF is #1000COSIGNs?

For 2017, COSIGN Magazine is launching “1,000 COSIGN’s,” a series recognizing (and COSIGNing) professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs and other persons of


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