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[LA MUSICA] Love, JT feat. Dave of The Mohicans – “BEAST” (@OfficialLoveJT)

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[LA MUSICA] Love, JT feat. Dave of The Mohicans – “BEAST”

Love, JT proves why he’s a #Beast with his new record featuring Dave of The Mohicans. I think it might be safe to say that it’s currently #BrainGang season. Cashmir, JT, Blue, Killa, and the producers of #BrainGang have all been releasing tracks, records, tapes, or gearing up for their new project. It’s a good time for Dallas music and JT is bringing something refreshing to the listeners across the globe. With his latest song, “Beast” JT reaches out to Dave of The Mohicans which just so happens to slay the last 16 of the record. The whole song JT explains why he’s a monster behind the mic in a melodic manner. I hope we’re one record away from hearing a release date for a new project by JT. In the meantime check out the record below and visit #CosignLife -@COSIGN_KG aka El Jefe.

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