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[LA MUSICA] QLee Feat. Audra The Rapper “Bad Meaning Good”

Our dude QLee is at it again! And so is our girl Audra The Rapper! Only this time, the two have teamed up together! These talented individuals finally have a track together, and the sound balances out quite well. QLee’s vocals go great with Audra’s New York style, creating a catchy track that could be stuck in your head all day. Honestly, this track actually has been stuck in my head for a few days…I won’t even lie. One of our favorite blogs, Chan-Lo.com, posted the track exclusively earlier today, so you know we had to cosign that. Peep the track here on our site, or head on over to Chan-Lo.com to check it out! Either way you win!

Oh and uhhh…hit that download button. You need this on your playlist.


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