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Fresh – Celebrity Stylist & Sneaker Connoisseur | For The Love Of Kicks

In our third episode of, For The Love of Kicks, we sat down with Fresh, Celebrity Stylist & Sneaker Connoisseur

COSIGN Conversations 39: Lambo Luke | How He Started His Exotic Car Rental Biz + Lessons He Learned

For this #COSIGNConversations we sat down with Lambo Luke, founder of The Classic, the go-to exotic car rental company in

COSIGN Conversations 39: SVPA | The Official Story Behind The Song “Halle Berry” + Music Biz 101

For this #COSIGNConversations we sat down with Mr. Halle Berry himself, SVPA formerly known as SupaSTAAR. In this tell all

COSIGN Conversations 37: Andrew Howard, Real Estate Investor “It’s A Marathon, You Gotta Keep Going”

In this interview we sat down with Andrew Howard, Entrepreneur & Real Estate investor. We discuss Nipsey Hussle, his entrepreneurial

COSIGN Conversations 36: KILAM | How To Start A Clothing Brand + Collaboration Over Competition

In this interview we sat down with the team behind the KILAM brand: Khalil, Chris Harpe, & Belani to discuss

COSIGN Conversations 35: K.D.’s Custom Jewelry Shares His Story On Becoming A Celebrity Jeweler

In this interview we sat down with K.D., Owner of K.D.s Custom Jewelry & Gem City Jewelry, Dallas' number one

COSIGN Conversations 34: United Peoples Coalition | “All Power To The People”

In this interview we sat down with the founders of United Peoples Coaliton Pat Averhart and Coyia Malone to discuss

COSIGN Conversations 33: Attorney Tammy Allison Talks Copyrights, Trademarks, Politics, & Clemency

In this interview we sat down with Attorney Tammy Allison, entrepreneur, politician, and former prosecutor for the DOJ. Tammy shares

COSIGN Conversations 32: Richie Fontane Talks Relationships, Kevin Hart, & How Comedy Is Paying Off

In this interview we sat down with hands down the funniest guy in Dallas, Richie Fontane. We discuss his early

COSIGN Conversations: 31: How Bobby Sessions Manifested the Life & Career He Wanted & Deserved

In this interview we sat down with the Grammy Award Winning, Young Legend from Dallas, TX, Bobby Sessions to discuss

COSIGN Conversations 30: JT On Building a Fashion Empire + Shares Motivation to “Keep Hustling”

In this interview we sat down with JT, the founder of Empire Clothing to discuss how he became an entrepreneur,

COSIGN Conversations 29: Fern Stroud/Black Vines – Creating A Community For Black Wine Connoisseurs

In this interview we sat down with Cali native Fern Stroud, founder of Black Vines which is a platform and


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