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COSIGN: Tru Society Launches Aufstand in a Fashionable Manner | @Tru_Soceity

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Photo Credit: Jae Oates

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Photo Credit: Jae Oates

When we walked into The Aufstand launch party, the room was alive with laughter and conversation. The live DJ was spinning and the bright airy studio was peopled with what is clearly Dallas’s young creative crowd. Aufstand founders, best friends, and partners Trevoy Pointer and musical artist Tru Def were making their way through the crowd making sure everyone was enjoying themselves with a drink in hand.


The party marked the Tru Society team’s (Pointer and Tru Def’s organization) first endeavor into the fashion world. After having made headway working primarily on music, the co-founders decided it was time to expand.


“We cofounded Tru Society to put together like minded people, you know progressive and forward thinking… we want to get into fashion and not marginalize what we can do. I feel like we can do anything, music, fashion, hosting, sports the whole nine,” describes Pointer.


Aufstand means rebel in German. The pair chose the name to represent the goal of the Tru Society team, to encourage and support individuality, free thinking and the relentless pursuit of your dreams. The brand is meant to embody the Tru Society ideals and represent their brand.IMG_2032

For now, their pieces are limited edition, but be on the lookout for more releases coming soon.You can buy the shirts-while they last at and you can link with the team on their website


Keep your eyes open for Pointer, Tru Def, and the Tru Society team, they’re on the grind and steadily on the rise.

Milana A.Edwards

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