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A.Dd+ Rolls Through SXSW Thuggin`

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A.Dd+ Rolls Through SXSW Thuggin’

So you saw the SXSW Recap yesterday, and for those of you out at SXSW today, you can be sure to catch Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun all the way thuggin’. Slim is looking extraordinarily classy in some camo shorts, a leopard print belt, gold chains, Matrimoney Clothing, and some roller blades. Paris is also dressed to impress in a patched up jean jacket, some Jordan 6 Gold Packs, rolling around on a BMX bike. If that’s not the definition of thuggin’, then I don’t know what is. Slim and Paris are currently about to head over to The Event, a Coffeemusic Hub and Dirtbags showcase to perform at 5:40 PM, and then tonight at The Main at 12:05 AM! Stay tuned to @ADdPlus, @CoSignMag, @breacoolbeings, tweets for more updates on their shows!

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