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7 Ways to Win Fall This Year

Written by: Brandon L. Washington (@_b.wash)
Read Carefully

If you’re anything like me, that means your favorite time of the year has arrived! All things dope tend to “fall” during this juncture of the year. Bonfires. S’mores. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Scorpios (just kidding). Basically, there’s much to offer during this season and you tend to find yourself outside less or more looking for things to get into. With that being stated, we came up with 7 Ways to Win Fall This Year:


1. Explore Fashion– By now, we all know Fall is the best time of the year to dress. Nothing screams fashion freedom more than being able to add layers to your wardrobe, be actually comfortable in a suit, and just be creative as possible.


2. Go to a Haunted House– Spending money on scaring yourself has to be one of the oddest things we do during this time of the year yet you can’t deny how fun it is! Grab a group of friends (larger groups=more fun), pregame before you go, plan after-moves, and enjoy!



3. Go Camping– Alright so…I know what you’re thinking, “why in the hell would I go camping?” but bear with me for a moment. It’s an opportunity to truly disconnect from everyday life and connect to nature. Needing a technology detox is real and necessary, so doing it in a way that is fun + unique definitely makes it worth it. Too, camping is a tremendous way to naturally bring people together and create dope memories!



4. Register to vote then GO VOTE!– Do we need to even mention why this is important? We are in the midst of one of the single most important elections in the history of the United States and every vote counts. Simply Google voting in your residential city, identify your voter status, update all your information, and grab a friend(s) to register too!

5. Find a Costume– October is here and Halloween is down the street! Start brainstorming what you and/or the kiddos want to wear for the holiday then bring it to life. This is a great time to be creative, find another reason to party, and if you LOVE candy…this is your time to be GREAT!



6. Eat Something new on Thanksgiving– We know you’re tired of the same ole’ food each holiday so let this year be the rift in the sky and try something different! As many will attest, Thanksgiving can become quite unhealthy once you add up all the desserts, sides, and entrees but you do have alternative options. This time around, try substituting healthier, lighter dishes which can still be as amazing as your favorites. (Advice: start practicing the dish now and by November you’ll be ready!)



7. Cuffing Season Applications are Open– Sooo, can we just accept the fact that cuddling and relationships are just better when it’s cooler outside? This is a great time of the year to shoot your shot at the person you’ve been crushing on all summer (statistics show that your chances increase by 23% when temperatures drop…ok definitely just made that up). Nevertheless, “Hot Girl Summer” ran rampant during our most recent solstice but like most fads, it shall ‘regress to the mean’. Therefore, if your summer was filled with liking your crushes’ Hot Girl pics on Instagram then this Fall you may have a chance. **Suggestion: Whoever application you decide to accept this season, do Activities 1–6 with each other to start things off right! See how I’m always looking out for you? Thank me later but if it fails… blame ya’ Mama!



We hope this list gives you some cool ideas this lovely season to adventure out, do something new + different, be a big kid, and most importantly to…Go Vote!

If you have any suggestions or plans to win this fall, leave it in the comment section below.