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7 Ways Not To F**k Up On Valentine’s Day

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7 Ways Not To F*$k Up On Valentine’s Day
By: Jasmine Soleil

Valentine’s Day is defined as a day in honor of St. Valentine, set for the exchange of Valentine’s gifts and other tokens of affection. It’s a beautiful day for couples and for singles that want to send gifts expressing love or likeness towards one another.

However, in “Girl World,” Valentine’s is a day not of love, but a day guys show gratitude and how special, how awesome, how cool, and how beautiful a girl is and how they can’t live without her! You may have messed up on Christmas, no big deal; this is the day where all is forgiven, if you get it right.

1.) Don’t ask her “Are we exchanging gifts?” Uh if you have to ask that question, you’re fucking up. If you and a chick have had any type of exchanges, including but not limited to SEX, money, time, or conversation for over two weeks, then she expects, no, she deserves a gift.

2.)If the only thing you got her was a Valentine’s card… YOU ARE FUCKING UP! Don’t walk in that house.

3.)If you have multiple chicks get everybody something … you might not know it, but they follow each other on social media and when your main posts her gift, you will receive texts such as “ I saw yo lil girlfriend showing off her gift,” or

“Oh that’s what we doing?” And at that point, you’ll know she’s not down to do that thing you like later on.

4.)Don’t be afraid to be dramatic in your gift giving. Valentine’s in “Girl World” is a competition amongst women showcasing how much their guy loves them, cares, or in some cases, how much money he has. So this holiday indirectly affects you.

5.)Don’t break up with her. Not sure what a woman could do to get this but geesh, can it wait till tomorrow?

6.)Don’t take her to a place that’s overcrowded. Women like to feel special and want to know you put thought into “her day.” Maybe a picnic in the park; seriously, it’s cheesy but could end in a fantasy for you.

7.)Don’t ask your girl to marry you on Valentine’s Day. Once she squeals and say “Yes!” just know you have officially FUCKED UP! She will expect overly dramatic and romantic things well after the honeymoon and fellas, lets be honest, this is not the road you want to take for LIFE. So be careful about doing things because you think it’s cool, because it could be a danger zone.

Hopefully these tips will help direct you on to the right path to a night of bliss for you and your lady, or ladies. Let’s keep the conversation going on Twitter; @cosignmag and @imjasminesoleil for last minute Valentine’s tips.

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