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5 Reasons We Recommend (#COSIGN) Printful

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make money without hardly doing any work? Have you heard of the term passive income? Well, Printful is an amazing order fulfillment and drop shipping service that we highly recommend and #COSIGN. Matter of fact, if you’ve ordered from within the last 30 days your order was fulfilled by Printful.

In 2018, I made it a priority to restructure my business and to take advantage of the many amazing services other companies have to offer. I’m in my second month of using Printful, I’m extremely satisfied and wanted to share with our readers why we chose to switch from an inventory based business to basically a print-on-demand service. One bonus reason is overhead. Now that we use Printful, we have $0 worth of overhead for our apparel and merchandise.

Here are 5 reasons why I recommend (#COSIGN) Printful:

1. Convenience
Printful has made creating an ecommerce site super convenient. They literally handle everything. They print, fulfill the order, package the order, ship it, and provide you tracking. All you have to do is create a design, upload it, and promote it to your following/audience.

2. Easy Integration
No matter your web platform Printful makes it super easy to integrate. They’re able to integrate with all major ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and many more. With a few clicks your online store will be ready for it’s first customer.

3. Custom Branding (White labeling)
Not only can you create your own custom apparel and merchandise but you can add your logo to your packaging, and create a custom packing slip. When your customer receives your product they will never know it was fulfilled through Printful, as all the information and branding will refer back to your company.

4. No upfront costs
Gone are the days of minimum quantities to place an order. You can now start your ecommerce business with $0. Printful is absolutely free to use. They charge a certain amount for each product, then you add the amount of profit you would like to make and now you have your selling price.

Are you tired of sitting on 17 small shirts, 8 medium, 7 large, 6 XL,  and 11 2XL because you ordered too much or the incorrect sizes? Printful is your solution. Printful is a print-on-demand services which removes all of your overhead and storage. If your customer needs 1 medium, Printful will fulfill the order and you just have to sit back, collect, and relax.

Are you ready to start your ecommerce business for $0? Sign up for Printful here.

K.G. Graham

GOD | Family | COSIGN.... in that order. Building a global media and marketing empire. #COSIGNLife


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