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All hail to Yung Nation, Digital Exec. Merk, and CoffeMusicHub for bringing #3DLand a historical event as such. Saturday December 29, 2012 will forever be remembered in Dallas’ Hip-Hop history, as the night Yung Nation’s stardom catapulted and the night that Dallas’ came together and embraced their brothers in music. If you attended the event there are no words that can describe how energetic and live the crowd was. The performances from Matthew Clay, ADd+, and headliners Yung Nation were beyond stellar. One thing I want our readers to know is that Yung Nation, PTC, and NGenius Ent. are a family and they take care of each other. We at COSIGN Magazine want to give a MAJOR shout out to all the artists that performed, all the media that attended, the fans for selling out the concert, and Digital Exec Merk and CoffeeMusicHub for allowing us to attend this episode in history.  Last but not least our teammate #SayBreaPhotography for always assisting with the Photos!!! #TheCosignLife


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