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William Geoffrey

#COSIGNed by: Kidd Ford (@ranger_up)

“In 2014, I started taking photos with my iPhone 3G and posting them to Instagram. That’s my first recollection of feeling like I could capture something interesting. I didn’t get serious about taking photos until about six months ago, when I bought a DSLR,” says photographer William Geoffrey, on beginning photography.

William grew up homeschooled, so creativity was his only escape from boredom. “I did everything – music, painting, Play-Doh, LEGOs … I was a Renaissance baby,” William says. With only two years of photography experience and six months of experience professionally shooting, William has garnered the attention of several major brands. But without any actual photography schooling under his belt, we were intrigued as to how he became a self-taught photographer. “I used to edit in the VSCO app on my phone and just play with different filters and settings. I don’t have a sophisticated editing method, I just go with what I think looks good. As far as gear talk, any good photo I see on Instagram, I just ask the photographer what they used and people are pretty chill about telling me. I only recently learned that prime lenses are everything.”

With photography becoming oversaturated like most industries do with improvements in technology, we had to know what attracted William to the art of capturing moments and how he stands out compared to others. “I like how illusory it can be. You can create a scene instead of waiting for one to happen to you. I’m not a candid photographer, so I like creating some type of cinematic environment and shooting that. To be honest, anyone can buy a DSLR and a prime lens and take a cool photo, so the content is what makes a photographer stand out, and if you can tell a story with an image,” he says.

As of today, William says that his biggest accomplishment as a photographer has been shooting a summer campaign for French champagne Veuve Clicquot. Who would of thought that a homeschooled photographer with six months of professional experience would be working with an established international brand, as quite often those types of opportunities and relationships take years to cultivate. Where does this drive and passion come from, one might ask? “I think much like being homeschooled, living in Houston forces you to dig deep into your creative side. Houston creatives are not inspired outwardly, so we have to draw on other sources of inspirations.” Inspirations such as other photographers might be a start. William cites Ansel Adams as being one of the first photographers he remembers having an impact on his life. He also mentions Christopher Hainey (@chriscreature), a photographer he found on Instagram. “His photos have made me stop mid-scroll and be like … ‘how?’”

A couple days into the year, we had to be cliché for a moment and ask William what he wants to accomplish in 2017, besides taking over the world, improving his craft and enjoying life. “I’d like to travel more and go full-time freelance photo/marketing by end of year. Also figure out how to keep a steady girlfriend,” he says. Last words from a smart man!

We #COSIGN William Geoffrey for the honesty in his photography and for being a perfect example that with practice, you can accomplish ANYTHING!

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