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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Vanessa Elisha | COSIGN #40 of 1K

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Vanessa Elisha | @vanessaelisha
Location: Sydney, Australia

Growing up in Sydney, Australia Vanessa Elisha always had a passion for music. “I always wanted to be a singer, never anything else,” she recalls. Her career began at an early age, writing songs in her garage like most music lovers. As a child she enjoyed Pokémon, Nintendo 64, playing basketball, watching “Sister Act 2,” but music was always her first love, especially R&B. “When all my friends were running around and playing, I was in my room recording on a little cassette player and writing songs,” she says. An early problem she faced was how to actually infiltrate the music business. So where do most artists go when they want to be heard? Soundcloud. “I knew I wanted to do music but didn’t really know how to get into it, so I threw a couple of songs on Soundcloud and it all began there,” she says.

It wasn’t until her college years, that Vanessa realized it was time for a change. Prior to college, Vanessa says she was nervous about chasing music as a career. She recalls having bad stage fright as a kid, but her hatred towards living a normal life of school finally led her to face her fear and chase her dream of becoming a music artist. “My biggest leap of faith was probably going out to L.A. on my own for the first time. I’ve never travelled alone, I was scared, but I got on the plane and did it. I met a lot of artists and friends and I’ve been back a couple times since,” says Vanessa.

With music being one of the most oversaturated fields of business and entertainment, it’s extremely easy for talent to get lost. But Vanessa has a few extra components she believes helps make her story authentic. “I feel like I have a pretty unique take on R&B, I tend to fuse genres,” she says. “A lot of people are also shocked when they find out that I’m Australian.” A beautiful Australian songstress that experiments with music, makes her three-for-three in our book.

Vanessa credits social media as a key factor for her success. “It’s made my music so much more accessible to everyone. You can let people know you have new music out with the click of a button,” she says. She also feels that it has assisted her in some of her biggest accomplishments to date. Due to social media she’s been able to collaborate with a lot of artists and have artists that she’s a fan of, discover her music. “Sometimes I’ll get an email from an artist I’m a big fan of and I love that. Also getting up on stages all around Australia has been a huge accomplishment, I’m not scared anymore, I actually look forward to touring and have the time of my life on stage.”

In the next five years Vanessa hopes to be playing shows around the world and making music with people who she looks up to, but that doesn’t define success to her as a whole. “Success to me means working with the people I want, helping the people that need it and feeling free to create whenever and wherever.”

We #COSIGN Vanessa Elisha for overcoming her fear of stage fright and chasing her childhood dreams of becoming an artist. With her talent and work ethic we look forward to the Vanessa Elisha world tour in the future.

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