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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Travis Weekes, Founder of Driven Society & Co-Host of Driven Minds Podcast | COSIGN #97 of 1K

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Travis Weekes
Founder of Driven Society & Co-Host of “Driven Minds Podcast”
Instagram: @TRAV_WEEKES

Social Media has afforded us the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals all across the globe with the click of a button, followed by sliding in one’s DMs. As a creator myself, I spend a lot of time researching entrepreneurs in other markets who are disrupting the industry and creating their own lane. With our #1000COSIGN’s campaign, my research time has been reduced tremendously as my interviewees each #COSIGN 10 individuals they respect and believe are making impactful moves in their field of business.

Although, I can’t exactly remember how I stumbled across Driven Society, I remember following them on Instagram and when one of our most recent features on Ani Hustles was published, he #COSIGNed Travis Weeks, the founder of Driven Society and Driven Minds Podcast. From there I knew I had to reach out and learn his story. From developing dynamic events and campaigns that inspire and influence millennials, Travis Weekes is a visionary, a dreamer and a builder. Someone who understands that his calling is to create the platform for other dreamers to succeed, and this is why we #COSIGN him.

Where are you from and how did it shape you as an entrepreneur?

Travis Weekes: “I’m from a small town in New Jersey, but before that, I was born in Brooklyn and lived in Barbados. These experiences shaped my life and perspective on things. I grew up with my grandfather in Barbados and he was a preacher, carpenter, barber and a plumber. His spirituality and entrepreneurial identity deeply influenced me.”

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? If you’re not doing that, what happened?

Travis Weekes:“As a child I was never sure what I wanted to be exactly. There was never an occupation that I identified with and said, ‘I want to do that.’ Rather I always knew I wanted to be an owner. Whether it was real estate or my own company, I just knew I wanted to be the person making his own schedule, calling his own shots.”

I definitely agree with you. How did Driven Society come about?

Travis Weekes: “Driven Society came about when I discovered my purpose. It was born when I realized my true calling of creating platforms. I figured out early where my element was, where I felt the most alive, and it always came back to serving my community and providing the space for creatives to come together to build and shine.”

Can you explain Driven Society and the mission behind your company?

Travis Weekes: “Driven Society is an organization focused on building success for multicultural Millennials and Post-Millennials by providing educational entertainment, professional resources, mentorship, and specialized live events. Our mission is to lead, nurture and support the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs and leaders in creating cultural change and professional success.”

From glancing at your Instagram page, you appear very well-connected. How did you build your industry relationships and what advice would you give to others looking to network with like-minded individuals in other cities?

Travis Weekes: “I built my industry relationships by networking at events, developing my brand and providing value to everyone I worked with. My advice for individuals looking to network in other cities is to always be certain what your value proposition is. Identify who it is you want to connect with and do your research for something they might need, before you even ask for something you want. The more value you can provide, the more that person is inclined to build with you.”

Over the last few years the media/marketing industry has become oversaturated. What do you believe separates the “Driven Minds Podcast” from other podcasts, and Driven Society from other agencies in the market?

Travis Weekes: “What separates ‘Driven Minds’ from other podcasts is the way we communicate with our guests and audience. Most of the folks on our podcast has either worked with us or familiar with the DS brand. We speak to our peers, people who are working on their dreams now and get an insight into the process as their actually doing it and succeeding at it. What makes DS unique is our diversity and our community-first approach to events and campaigns. We’re consciously thinking how can we add value to our community; how can we enrich them through our brand partnerships and activations. We want to stay ahead of the curve and offer resources to develop yourself and experiences you won’t ever forget.”

At Driven Society you’ve worked with some pretty cool brands. What was your first brand partnership and how did you obtain it?

Travis Weekes: “My first brand partnership was actually with a business networking app named Switch it. We attained it by using social media and Slack groups to showcase our events and the networking opportunities. They reached out and were familiar with the DS platform and partnered on our next event.”

As a creator in 2018, why do you believe events and real life experiences are key components for marketing brands?

Travis Weekes: “Events are a key marketer for brands because there is nothing like actually being among the people. In current times, everything is digital, so there are few-to-none real experiences. Consumers shop mostly online and people don’t event watch TV anymore, they Netflix at home. When a brand can make a physical touch point with its target audience, they are now in position to make a lasting positive memory in the minds of their consumer and build a life-long relationship with them.”

I know this question is cliché, but who inspires you, keeps you motivated, and driven?

Travis Weekes: “My mother keeps me motivated. She was a single mother who hustled and grinded to make sure my sister and I didn’t want for nothing. She’s my angel on earth. I also have to say my team. I love my tribe, their happiness makes me happy. I love seeing the reaction every time we close a new deal or have a successful campaign. I thrive off of that.”

What’s your overall end goal?

Travis Weekes: “My end goal is to build Driven Society to be a global community of thought leaders and creatives that positively impact the world and contribute to culture as we know it; for Driven Society to be an ecosystem to develop one self personally and financially.”

What’s more important to you currency or legacy? And why?

Travis Weekes: “Great question. Legacy comes first, and I know this because I’ve left money on the table many times just because what had to be done for it, didn’t align with our brand. Brand integrity and our brand name is everything to me. I want my children one day to see how I positively effected the world through Driven Society. When people speak my company or my name, they should expect a certain level of excellence and I can’t have it no other way.”

If someone had to tell your story, what do you think they would say about you?

Travis Weekes: “I think they’ll say above anything, I always stayed true to who I am. I think they’ll say that I am somebody with a vision and with all the odds and dream killers against me, I willed it into existence.”

We #COSIGN Travis Weekes because his focus is not only advancing himself thru entrepreneurship, but also making a positive impact in his community and the world.

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