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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Stephanie Johnson: Founder of Singles & the City | COSIGN #59 of 1K

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Meet Stephanie Johnson: Founder of Singles & the City
Instagram: @singlesandthecity
#COSIGNed by: @ericcabranch

Stephanie Johnson is a full-time entrepreneur and founder of Singles & The City who moved to Dallas seven years ago from Detroit, Michigan. As a child, she wanted to be a Veterinarian or a Broadcast Journalist until she went to Michigan State University to study Anthropology & Jewish Studies. She always had a peculiarity for leading others, setting and achieving goals and portraying a business mindset (kudos to her parents).

Stephanie’s career came unplanned and after she was laid off from her full-time job, she spent a long time planning her next steps. She received a job offer in a position she thought was ideal but the toxic environment caused her to resign shortly after. It was time for her to follow her dreams as an entrepreneur and bring people together.

After two years of hard work and planning, her business “Singles & the City” evolved and provided her total income. She says, “The freedom of working for yourself is great, but the faith, the ambition, the drive to keep going when all looks dark is a testimony in itself. I’m now two years in full-time and wouldn’t trade it for the world”.

Singles & the City is a social club dedicated to empowering purpose driven single professionals to enjoy life now. It’s an organization that represents Christ. Some may even call them “undercover Evangelists” because of their influential reach to people who don’t know Christ. Stephanie says, “We aren’t a “Christian Professionals” organization – we’re a positive, encouraging social community that bridges the gap of racial divides and brings races together with people who are in the same season of life; single”.

The goal of Singles & the City is to showcase the idea that people who are in relationships aren’t the only ones who can flaunt and celebrate their status. She says, “I don’t encourage the idea that being single means something wrong – it’s a healthy stage in life to celebrate “and encourages others to find themselves and “God’s best for you”.

Stephanie started from scratch with no loans or investors and all of her effort was through hard work and continued faith in Christ. Ultimately, this led to much success for Singles & the City. She’s been featured on The Kolada Group Podcast, Life Chat Radio, NBCDFW, The City Influencer and more. There’s no doubt in our mind that we won’t see Stephanie expanding her business overseas and demonstrating her integrity, character and faith that led many souls to Christ.

We #COSIGN Stephanie because she is a prominent trailblazer in social networking in today’s digital age.

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