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Meet Stephanie Casey: Fashion blogger
Instagram: @dallastrends
#COSIGNed by: @ericcabranch

Stephanie is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger influencing women between the ages of 25-34. Since the launch of her blog in 2014, she’s been improving the blogging industry by raising awareness to uprising and honorary quality brands through her trademark.

As a child, Stephanie grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with three younger siblings and a burden of financial restraints. She wasn’t gifted the newest clothes like her neighbors but enjoyed going to her friend’s house to play make up and dress up. She spent a lot of time cutting out her favorite images from magazines and trying on her mom’s outfits to ignore the insecure feeling she’d get from being bullied. In due time, she created her own style and “cared less about what people thought of her” because she couldn’t be afraid to express herself through her exclusive flair. In 2009, she opened an online shop through Etsy to sell her handmade jewelry that eventually led to an amateur blog educating others on how to run their own Etsy store.

After moving to Dallas in 2013, she juggled life as a full time employee, student, girlfriend and mother of many animals. She started school at Western State Colorado University with plans to become a teacher because changing lives was one of her passions but the heavy load and stress created a sense of emptiness. To fill the void her job and school were forming, she thought about blogging again. She started watching “Courtney Loves Dallas” in her downtime and was awed at the fact that a reality show could actually be about a blogger. With inspiration, she sparked interested and “mulled around the idea for about a year or so” while doing some research and soul-searching before going for it. When she grasped the idea that she could inspire and empower others while getting paid, she took that leap of faith and made it a priority.

With a foundation from Instagram and previous experience from her first blog launch as a teen, she started to create using her teaching passion in ways to reach others online. Through trials and tribulations, she faced her fear of public speaking and had a chance to be featured on Good Morning, Texas talk show. While it’s been a long journey and a learning process, it’s only the beginning for her. In the next five years, she plans to continue educating herself and others on influencer marketing.

Stephanie is currently blogging on and reaching her legacy of leaving a positive impact on others.

If you’re a blogger, Stephanie has some words of advice: “Practicing mindfulness is so important. Taking time to quiet your mind for a few minutes every day, and finding gratitude in your body, home, food, etc, can make such a difference. I’m still working on practicing meditation every day, but I try to be grateful for at least one thing every day. It’s so important to me to have empathy for others, and trying to understand things from their point of view. Perseverance is probably the only way I have gotten through anything. I can’t give up trying, no matter how hard things get.”

We #COSIGN Stephanie because she’s Bringing all things fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, and travel from my home in the Big D and worldwide”.

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