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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Soleil: Singer | COSIGN #57 of 1K

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“My biggest struggle has been transforming and renewing my mind to clear away all of the negative influences of this world, and make room for the greatness, that I know is inside of me, to shine through.” – Soleil

Instagram: @SoleilSoleilX
Location: Dallas, Texas

Soleil began performing in grade school in her hometown of Houston. She went off to Stephen F. Austin University for a couple years, joining several music and art clubs, but it wasn’t until she transferred to the University of North Texas, performing around Denton and Dallas and improving her stage show that her solo singing career began.

She had always wanted to be a creator of some sort, and would, as a child, braid hair, paint her walls, write and compose music, and was also into photography. She would even rehearse songs and perform them for her family. “I knew I wanted to pursue my artistry on a higher level when I found that I could channel this energy for a higher purpose to help change the lives of many people.”

Right before graduating college, Soleil made a decision about her future. “I decided that the corporate fashion world wouldn’t give me the satisfaction of life on this planet that I truly desired,” she says. “I reflected on the overflowing amount of energy that I felt each and every time I stepped on the stage and poured my heart and soul out to the listeners, and the intense amount of joy that rushed over me immediately after. I knew then that I had to follow my calling.”

Inspired by her mother, she says, “My mother’s love and desire for music has continued to grow and propel her to many different avenues where she has been able to continuously spread light, love, and peace across the world.” And that same essence has found it’s way into Soleil’s work. “When I create, it’s a release from what I have experienced in my own personal journey in this life. My ability to adapt has allowed me to connect with multiple genres and avenues where they all have become a part of my whole. I’m a free spirit and I love expressing that outwardly,” she says. “Whether it be through my music, my wardrobe, the adornment on my body, the styles of my hair, the art on my canvas, and even the silence in my meditation corner, all these beautiful aspects make up who I am as a human being, an artist, and a loving free spirit.”

Soleil simply wants to continue following her dreams but with larger platform; she hopes to positively impact as many people as she can. “LOVE,” she says. “I want my legacy to reflect who I am, and my purpose here on this Earth, which is to be and show love to a world that is so in need of it.”

We #COSIGN Soleil because her essence shines through, in both her music and her being.

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