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1,000 COSIGNs: Meet SkewU Food Truck & Catering | # 42 of 1K

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1,000 COSIGNs: Meet SkewU Food Truck & Catering | # 42 of 1K

Andrew Howard & Jourdan Isom, Owners of SkewU Food Truck & Catering
Location: Cedar Hill, TX

SkewU Food Truck & Catering was created by Andrew Howard and Jourdan Isom, in Cedar Hill, Texas. Like most successful companies, SkewU started as an idea that the two followed through with and ended up building one of Dallas’ premier food truck businesses; with no prior culinary experience, we might add. “Growing up, we both sold snacks throughout high school. We would go to Costco and Sams, load up our duffles and trap all day in class and in the hallways. I guess the food industry just stuck with us,” says Andrew.

The initial food truck idea was presented to the duo by a colleague that’s no longer involved in the business, but the concept of skewers and the name “SkewU” was created by Ms.Rita (Jourdan’s mom). “We didn’t have any capital or good credit so we catered, built our brand for two years, then in 2016 we ran a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign and raised $16,000 which was the boost we needed to secure the food truck.”

Even with the Kickstarter backing, the founders stressed that times were still hard. But, with the support of the community, there was no turning back for Andrew and Jourdan, they had to go all in. “There was definitely a leap of faith moment. As soon as our truck was customized and ready to hit the street my whole team QUIT their day jobs for good and none of us have looked back since,” says Andrew. ”It was a REAL financial struggle at first but it’s definitely paying off now.” They credit the securing of and operating of their food truck without any bank loans or financing as one of their biggest accomplishments to date.

There are many things we love about the concept of SkewU and the story they have to share. For one, the company is owned by two young African-American men who hustled for everything they have. Two, they set a plan, followed it and executed magnificently. Three, the duo adds a swag to culinary art. But they’re still Andrew and Jourdan from Desoto, TX that can cater a corporate function and sell skewers outside of any night club in the city. “Our uniqueness stems from us being young brothers with kitchen skills and PERSONALITY. A lot of other businesses lack personality & the ability to relate to the people. Our FLAVOR is a fool too,” they say.

By building their brand through social media, it’s easy for their consumers to track where their food truck will be located, week in and week out. But, within the next five years SkewU plans to have added a second food truck and to create SkewU Bar & Grill in the heart of Dallas. To them, being successful means that they’ve found their true happiness, are doing something they love, are taking care of their family, are able to spend time with the people they love and are creating and sharing wealth with others. and taking who look like them. <–didn’t know what this meant

“The SkewU legacy will be solid and reputable. People will know us for being innovative and taking a risk on a business foreign to us and turning it into a successful enterprise, creating jobs for others who are like us,” says Andrew.
We #COSIGN SkewU for succeeding in the culinary business with no prior experience and making the industry conform to them and not the other way around.
Who does SkewU #COSIGN?

1. Errol Spence @errolspenceJr
2. Andrew Wilkerson (Lawyer) @_AWLG_
3. Xavier Pipkin @littlehouse_x
4. Claude Toliver (Co-Op promo) @claudetdaboss_
5. Jonathan Jones @jonathanjonesspeaks
6. Vanessa @a_cakemaker
7. Jacori Harper @Djswerva
8. Deandre Jackson  @PerezJackson
9. Chelsee Goins @iam_chelsee
10. Gabrielle Mcbay @gabriellemcbay

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