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1,000 COSIGNs: Meet Shelby Shepard, Owner of PEEK Clothing | COSIGN #13 of 1K

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Shelby Shepard,
Owner at PEEK Clothing


If you were to ask Shelby Shepard if she would have saw herself becoming a fashion designer 10 years ago she would have told you no. Fast forward to September 2016, Shelby has now successfully launched her first clothing line, PEEK. PEEK is a custom clothing line featuring everything from custom sweatshirts, Nike slides, Jordans, hats, and so much more.

Shelby can be self-described as a kind-hearted, loving and creative person. She uses life and trends as her inspirations when making designs for PEEK. One of the most divine things about PEEK and Shelby’s customization skills is that no one piece of clothing is ever identical to another so you are truly wearing something unique. You can only buy PEEK through Shelby’s online boutique

PEEK has already shown to be rewarding for Shelby as her clients have included Carolina Panthers player Zach Sanchez and LFL Atlanta Steams player Adrien Purnell. Now, she is currently working on adding rappers, The Sauce Factory and additional NFL players to her repertoire.

Even with as successful as PEEK has been for Shelby thus far, she still feels like there is more work to be done before she leaves her footprint in the fashion industry. She has an agenda to prove that young people (yes, even millennials) can have a successful women’s and men’s clothing line and be a bad ass, boss bitch while doing it.

I #COSIGN Shelby Shepard because she is a young, black, woman making a stamp in one of the hardest industries in the world while making her own rules.

Who does Shelby #COSIGN?

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