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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Roodgery Rosemberg (DJ Unruely), DJ, Entrepreneur, & Actor | COSIGN #90 of 1K

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Name: Roodgery Rosemberg
Location: Atlanta, GA
Favorite quote: Life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but having spent most of his life in Atlanta, Roodgery Rosemberg is a self-taught marketing and design expert and owner of Vizualhub, LLC. Vizualhub is an advertising and marketing agency focused primarily on the development of innovative and interactive digital and print strategies and brand experiences, and has worked with the likes of Contigo, Calphalon, Parker Sharpie, Elmer’s Glue, among others. Roodgery is also a DJ, actor, and board member of Everyone Eats Foundation.

“I knew I was going to become an entrepreneur before I even knew what the word meant. Ever since I was a child, I told myself that I would not be working in someone’s office from nine to five,” he says. A Georgia State grad, he opted to not follow his schooling to become a doctor, but to do what made him happy. “Realizing that I valued my happiness over money made my decision to follow a passion of mine that much easier,” he says. But it wasn’t an easy decision, “My biggest struggle has been figuring out who I am, what I want to do, and how do I go about it.”

Roodgery says Vizualhub stands out from the pack because the creative aspect of it is a reflection of him. “The knowledge can be acquired by anyone who is willing to learn, but experiences, mindset, and personality all affect what you create. This stands true for graphic design, DJing, and acting. As long as I continue to do things my way, I will always be unique,” he says. “Specifically in the Atlanta market, Vizualhub will become a “hub” for all creatives.” And he emphasizes Atlanta as part of his acsention. “I love Atlanta mainly because it is a young black entrepreneurs Eden,” he says. “The population of movers and shakers are strong and there’s always an opportunity around the corner. The night life is always on go. There’s way too much to do here to ever really get tired of ATL.”

“In five years I will own a multi-million dollar agency, expand my philanthropic endeavors globally, award winning producer and actor,” says Roodgery. And while he does have monetary aspirations, it isn’t his driving force. “Legacy leaves more of a foundation than money ever could. Legacy is important to me because I want to touch the masses in a positive way … I want great grand kids to have a foundation to stand on and be inspired by,” he says. “Success to me is chasing my dreams and being able to take care of my generations to come.”

We COSIGN Roodgery Rosemberg because we COSIGN developing generational wealth, and Roodgery is on his way to that. He also is doing it as a creative and as an entrepreneur, and we’re all about that.

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