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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Pat Rudd, Clothing Designer & Creator of Alex Deon | COSIGN #80 of 1K

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Meet Pat Rudd
Instagram: @thealexdeonbrand
Location: Dallas

         Clothing designer Pat Rudd was born and raised in Dallas and at an early age was interested in entrepreneurship, beginning with collecting and selling trading cards. It wasn’t until high school that he realized that he wanted to start his own fashion line, as he was very much into brands like Karl Kani, FUBU, Polo and Hilfiger. Today he finds inspiration in those that express themselves through their fashion choices, and also by moguls like Jay-Z. The fact that they both had similar upbringings lets him know that his dreams are possible.

         Pat would go on to launch his Alex Deon clothing brand, a line he wants to be, “known for having integrity while creating stylish products with quality,” he says. “Alex Deon adds diversity within the fashion world. It’s not many black-owned clothing brands out that focus on building our community for the people that buy our products.”

         And Pat really loves the fashion game. “Clothing allows you to express who you are while giving you self-confidence,” he says. “Everybody knows that feeling you get when you put that one outfit on and look in the mirror and say, ‘Yeah! I’m gonna kill ‘em with this one.’” Aside from that, his passion, he says, has inspired his kids to always pursue their passions and to never be afraid to fail.
         Part of Pat’s success comes from his taking every adversity as an opportunity to learn and make improvements to continue his advance. That advance, he expects, will have him distributing Alex Deon internationally within the next five years, along with having his own brick-and-mortar flagship store. But what Pat sees as success is more about living a life “that pleases God and makes my family happy,” he says. He looks to leave a legacy of passing his knowledge, gained from both good experiences and his mistakes, on to the next generation. He says, “Each one teach one is how we affect the future.”

We #COSIGN Pat Rudd for Alex Deon and for his vision beyond his brand. His perspective is truly inspiring.

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