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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet LeDarrion Bonner, Owner of Ben Haited Clothing & Apparel | COSIGN #122 of 1K

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Name: LeDarrion Bonner
Company: Ben Haited Clothing and Apparel
Title: Owner
Instagram: @ben_haited
Location: DFW
Favorite Quote: “Sometimes the quietest moves make the loudest noise!” ~ LeDarrion Bonner

LeDarrion Bonner is the creator of the fashion brand Ben Haited, focused on the positive rise out of life’s negativity. A passionate creative and entrepreneur, he has risen past the challenges of creating a brand and come out with a dope apparel line with its own story behind it. See why we #COSIGN LeDarrion below.

What is Ben Haited? What’s your story? What’s the meaning behind the brand’s name?
Ben Haited stands for anyone trying to better themselves against the hate of society. I became fed up with all of the complaining/negativity on social media and in corporate America and wanted to use my positivity to motivate/inspire change. I wanted people to know that not your age, family, “friends,” a nine-to-five, race nor gender should keep you from following your dreams or being happy, but i had to walk the walk in order to talk the talk.

As a child, what did you want to be?
As a kid I loved drawing, designing and entertaining people to make them feel better. It seems my purpose has always been to design a way to help those lost/hurting!

Why did you create your clothing brand and who is your ideal customer?
I needed a way to impact multiple cultures for many generations and fashion is that platform. My ideal customers are ones whom want more out of life and are willing to hustle and take risk for it.

What was your blueprint to launching/creating Ben Haited?
[I] Started with an idea to help people, came up with a name for the movement, researched the Internet to see how to get samples produced and out to the public for feedback, took the feedback then registered for ownership of my brand and eventually took my chances at my first pop up event, “DripFest,” and consistently monitored the buzz from there. We know that haters are universal which automatically means Ben Haited will be also and if you got haters. WE GOT YOU!

What clothing brands do you look up to and would like to replicate their success and why?
FUBU and Sean John are a few of the brands I look up to and appreciate their hustle and level success reached. Two true brands from the streets that grinded and made a major cultural impact worldwide and gave a different sense of pride to the streets. I dream of having an impact like that and grinding diligently to make it reality.

What differentiates you from your competitors?
What makes Ben Haited different from the rest is me. No matter how hard these companies try, nor the amount of money they have, they will never be me. My vision, my drive, my beliefs, my story and my goals are all things that differentiate me from the rest. Haited wants to bring positive influence back to society through realism.

Tell us some of your pain points as an entrepreneur and how you overcame them?
Failing is part of the process and many don’t understand that’s what it takes in order to start gaining success. I’ve released colorways that didn’t influence customers like I envisioned and it cost me big. Coming out of your own pocket when first starting up makes every dollar spent that much more important and can be detrimental when sales aren’t being made. I was able to overcome this fail by creating a buzz/interest around the item that wasn’t moving by offering discounts and running merch contests. Although all funds weren’t made back, a valuable lesson was learned and from that point on, I monitored consumer response to my mockups more avidly before a major release.

We believe the Power of a #COSIGN is real. How has a #COSIGN has impacted your business. 
The #COSIGN is real and one of the most effective ways to start generating success as a young entrepreneur. My actual first sale was from someone who heard about the brand and meaning/movement behind it. Also my first vendor event happened due to a #COSIGN and all I had to do from there is represent the Haited vision and be myself and now you’re currently witnessing my history being made.

Where do you see your company a year from now?
A year from now Ben Haited will be in two major Southern boutiques, mentioned in the rap industry and booking growth summits to help encourage those who feel lost in life.

Who do you #COSIGN and why?
Tony Simmons – @you_create_your_reality_: Helped generate my first sale.
Brandon Lawson – @blawson1: Allowed my first vendor opportunity.
Reynan B- @its_reynan_outside: Gave first insight on how to enter the fashion industry.
Mike Jones – @hy_society_ceo: Gave me my first boutique opportunity.
Nicole Terral – @joblessedculture: Brought Haited to life visually.
OG Johnson – @urbanstylez_214: First Dallas boutique to believe in Team Haited.
Frank Ibarra – @officialkicks101_: Provided me the opportunity for networking at the next level.
Rebel Riot – @rebelriotprinting: The first and only print shop to treat me fair and with respect as a new entrepreneur.
Casey S – @sullysbarbecue: Advocated and got me booked for my first public speaking opportunity to troubled teens.
K.G. – @cosignmag: For bringing a new level of exposure/awareness to the Haited movement.

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