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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Josh Hicks, Personal Trainer & Founder of 3Hunnid Fitness | COSIGN #128 of 1K

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Name: Josh Hicks
Instagram: @3hunnid_fitness
Favorite Quote: “Finish like a champ, Not Like A Chump.”

Josh Hicks is the founder of 3 Hunnid Fitness which he describes his company as purely 100% him. “It’s Me. My Grind, and my Passion. I never got to graduate college or get some fancy degree like most. My path was a bit different. From being a highly touted recruit to having an extensive prison sentence. In 2015 registered with an ankle monitor, 3Hunnid started in my mother’s backyard.”

Check out our interview below with Josh Hicks as we discuss his past, life, and what’s next for 3 Hunnid Fitness.

Everyone has a unique story, what would you say is yours?

I was a great football player coming out of high school. Ended up at the University Of Purdue. They took chance on me, knowing how my attitude was and the troubles I was in. I got my scholarship taken away from me that 2009 season due to my actions which then sent me back to Dallas. Once back in Dallas, I hit the streets running, money hungry you might say. I was in and out of jail, not listening to anyone’s words nor having any regards for anyone. In the long run that caught up to me.  In 2011, I was sent to Amarillo, TX to serve my jail sentence. I came home in the summer of 2015. Wasn’t trying to work a job, I was an athlete. That’s what I knew. Worked at IHOP in Arlington, traveling from gym to gym, location to location trying to get this fitness thing off the ground. So many doubters, so many haters kept me going. Because I knew the journey wasn’t over .

Thanks for sharing your authentic story, our readers need to know regardless of your situation with hard work and determination you can make a change. What was the defining moment or spark that inspired you to step into entrepreneurship and become a trainer?

It was when I realized that with a record like mine, most don’t or won’t give you a chance.

After I completed my sentence, there were quite a few people telling me that finding a job may be difficult. Which I already knew. People doubted my fitness journey and they hated my fitness journey. I heard “ Bro give that up” over a million times it seemed liked.

After coming to this realization, what immediate steps did you take to start bringing your vision to life?

I started working hard, eating right, and building my brand. I never gave up.

Going to prison was not the plan I had for my life. It was just a bad situation but still a blessing in disguise. I never intended to go to prison, the dream was football. Prison definitely opened my eyes. It changed me for the better. It made me realize that this is not where you want to be. But I had to stay grounded. Protect myself. And get home. That’s isn’t life. Having someone tell you when you can eat, when you can shower, and when you have to go to sleep t isn’t life. So prison definitely made me change for the better. I can’t do nothing but thank the lord for bringing me out and blessing me with where I’m at now.

What was the specific void or opportunity you saw that inspired the idea behind your company?

Getting the call from A+D1 Training gave me the opportunity to spread my wings. They let me train the way I train. 

The daily change within myself came everyday. Even to this day. I’m still learning and still growing my brand.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you, especially in the field of fitness?

Grinder. The grind is different. Because you’re building something from the ground up that at first no one believes in, but you.

Can you discuss the most difficult part of your journey thus far?

It’s still difficult. Coming up with programs. From juggling my fitness clients to athletes. However; I’m never satisfied.

What is one memory that you have that you reflect back to when entrepreneurship tests you?

From working at IHOP in Arlington and having to leave and go straight to Carrollton everyday.

Fitness is a process, its a journey, what do you tell your clients when they get discouraged? 

I say a lot. One thing I’ve been saying lately… “There’s only one way to the Top” “You gotta Climb”

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