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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Danny Martin, Executive Director at Geekletes | COSIGN #31 of 1K

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Danny Martin
Executive Director at Geekletes

Instagram: @Geekletes

Meet Danny Martin, Executive Director at Geekletes. GEEKLETES is a competitive gaming arena that specializes in head-to-head battles on multiple platforms including XBOX ONEPS4 and PC.

In our latest #1000COSIGNs interview series we asked Danny about his inspiration, how he got into app development, and what advice would he give to entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry. You’re going to be amazed with his responses as we were ecstatic to learn more about the tech industry through Danny. Read the interview below and welcome to the #COSIGNLife.

As a kid were you always into technology?

Most definitely! I remember getting in trouble many times for reverse engineering my family’s television remotes, desktops, and radios. The mobo always provided a sense of mystique, especially during the times when school was boring and getting into fights seemed inevitable. During high school, I found car audio systems intriguing. The ability to emit sound from an amplifier to a sub proved valuable in providing an understanding of capacitors and ohm wiring. As my car audio system improved, many students would pay me to build theirs. The abundance of practice resulted in learning technology from the inside out and carried me throughout college and post-college.

How did you get into developing apps? And was Geekletes the first app you built?

App development begun out of necessity. During college, I would host eSports tournaments on campus or at local LAN centers. Gaming titles like: Madden, NBA2k, FIFA, Call of Duty, etc. As efficiency became very critical for returning a positive ROI, I felt it logical to develop an application to compete with local competitors. The only issue was that I wasn’t essentially a software engineer and paying for one was out of the question. This fostered an intense desire to develop the necessary skills to complete the task at hand. After being selected to work in San Francisco, it was clear that the learning lessons from some of the most advanced engineers aided in the culmination of an application of my own. From there, Geekletes was born.

What do you believe makes Geekletes an amazing app?

To start, the TEAM!!!! Each individual that works on this application provides a unique perspective. A perspective that’s fostered by an intense passion to bring eSports to urban communities. As stated above, the application was developed out of necessity for one’s self. After completion, I learned that this same application could be utilized by other aspiring tournament organizers. From there, Geekletes was developed to provide tournament organizers with the necessary components to host their own eSports tournament efficiently. Let’s thank companies like Airbnb and Uber for providing entrepreneurial opportunities to individuals worldwide!

What’s the most affordable way for an entrepreneur to develop an app for their company?

Currently, there are companies like Geekletes that provide every component necessary to enhance brand recognition at an affordable price. App building platforms are there to provide affordability to individuals looking to build apps. I would suggest utilizing their services if you’re cash strapped. If not, I would suggest custom building your application with a team of software developers. For one, going the customization route would guarantee that your code is YOURS! As it’s more expensive, it could potentially be a more profitable route in the long run.


Who inspires you? Who do you look up to in the tech industry?
EASY! Mi Madre, as she’s been pushing since inception. I could name individuals that inspires me for days, but there’s no one that could replace her as my prime inspiration. Due to her, I feel it’s perfectly possible to escape an economically disadvantaged geographic location. Within the tech industry, it’s Daniel Leffel. An individual that I’ve had the experience of learning from while residing in San Francisco. He’s currently founding, Crew! The dude would provide me with insight that was critical to the development of Geekletes. Celebrities are cool, but real world experience shapes my next move!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Tenured! An entrepreneur’s project never lasts forever. With this in mind, growth is inevitable. The ability to provide individuals with an innovate way to promote efficient sustainability will always be the motive. In 5 years, I’ll still foster this ideology.

What advice you have for aspiring app developers?

Develop out of necessity. From there, you’ll withstand the ups and downs that proceeds app development. It’s not an easy road, so persistence is key!!!

What are 5 new apps you #COSIGN?

Slack, Acorns, SnapChat, Twitch, CashApp.

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