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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Chef Jordan 24/7 Lead Chef & Consultant for Sweet T’s Kitchen | COSIGN 55 of 1K

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“Success means nothing without respect.” – Chef Jordan 24/7

Meet Chef Jordan 24/7 of Sweet T’s Kitchen

 Sweet T’s Kitchen: @sweets_kitchen
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Location: Maryland

The idea of Sweet T’s Kitchen started 10 years ago when it was originally just known as “some good ass BBQ Sauce,” says Chef Jordan, lead Chef of Sweet T’s Kitchen. “One day a client said ” THIS TASTE SOOOO GOOD IT MAKES YOU WANT TO DRINK IT,” after that people said I should sell it. Jordan tells us after his mother almost died with an Aorta and an Aneurysm, that’s when he started to take his craft more seriously. “I joined Sweet T’s Kitchen, named the company after her and created Jordan 24/7, a food service company that has many entities in which Sweet T’s is just one of them.”

As a kid, Chef Jordan always cooked. “I used to steal food out of the grocery store because at the time we were poor and I wanted to practice food ideas on them and feed my family. So when I got older and went off to college I used to cook for people for money because I needed to survive.” Although he’s not proud of that time in his life, he did what he had to do and now he’s a well-respected food executive for a great company. One day Jordan and his childhood friends had an idea to sell food at a local tournament. It was when total strangers began to wait in line for his BBQ everyday that he realized he had a talent. “One day after leaving school I was driving past a school that ended up being a culinary school, when I saw all the students dressed in all white it did something to me. I ended up quitting the football team and leaving College and in the winter I enrolled in Culinary College and Graduated top 3 of my class,” says Chef Jordan.


After finding success on his own, Chef Jordan became a well sought out chef in the culinary field. According to Jordan, in the culinary world it’s hard for minorities to be taken serious, so becoming an executive in a major company it’s almost unheard of. “No one inspires me in the Culinary field, food does,” says Chef Jordan. Jordan looked up to moguls such as Eazy-E and Jay-Z because like him, they came from nothing and turned themselves into a major conglomerate. If you know him, that’s where his phrase #JayZOfTheKitchen derives from. “IF HE IS THE MICHAEL JORDAN OF RAP I HAVE TO BE THE JAY Z OF THE KITCHEN.” His biggest accomplishment to date is quite unique. In 2009, Jordan went overseas to run dinning facilities for the military. During that time he earned over seven military rewards and accommodations.

Sweet T’s currently has two products out, their signature BBQ Sauce and a hot version, they are also coming out with a Wing Sauce September 2017 and a Salad dressing in the fall of 2017. When it’s all said and done Jordan hopes GOD willing that Sweet T’s will be the top selling sauce company out. And with their consistency and innovation we believe it will happen sooner than later.

We #COSIGN Chef Jordan and Sweet T’s Kitchen for breaking down barriers in the culinary field and for their extreme work ethic!

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