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1,000 COSIGNs: Meet B. Simone, Artist, Actress, & Entertainer | COSIGN #8 of 1K

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img_3929 1,000 COSIGNs: Meet B. Simone, Artist, Actress, & Entertainer | COSIGN #8 of 1K
By: Catrise Johnson | @CATRISEJ

Artist, Actress, & Entertainer

COSIGNed By: K.G. Graham (@COSIGNKG)
Instagram: @THEBSIMONE2

“Honestly at the end of the day I just want people to love me for who I am. The same thing everybody else wants! I want people to remember me as making them laugh and making them feel good. Whether it’s from my music, my personality, or just my presence!” – B.Simone

B. Simone is an entertainer from Dallas, Texas who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up in Dallas, B. Simone was always the creative one out of all her family and friends. As a kid Simone used to imitate Aaliyah and Beyonce music videos, took theater and acting classes and was even the local neighborhood hairdresser. Eventually, that led B. Simone to star in her first girl group at the age of 17. Having realized that she had the connections and positivity that she needed to succeed B. Simone started taking her musical and comedic skills more serious.

Two years ago, B. Simone made one of the greatest decision of her life, which was to move to Atlanta, GA. With Atlanta having better opportunities in the entertainment industry than Dallas, it seems like her decision has been paying off.

“If this entertainment world doesn’t work, my life doesn’t work. This is all I want to do, it’s who I am!,” says B.Simone in regards to being her own inspiration.

Simone has been featured as guest host on BET’s 106 and Park, released a full length album on iTunes and she now runs her own t-shirt clothing line where it is distributed by Cupcake Mafia in Atlanta. You can purchase all of B. Simone’s witty and funny catchphrases on With the help of social media such as Instagram where B. Simone has over 185,000 followers her career and hustles have been able to flourish. “Social media is one of the best things ever invented, LOL I can make money from laying in my bed and I can reach hundreds of thousands of people with a click of a button. It’s amazing! I’ve got fans across the world and that’s all because of the Internet. Social media is definitely a benefit for artist in this generation.”

B. Simone is more than just an entertainer or a beautiful woman, her captivating personality adds to her ambiance. She wants to be remembered for making people laugh and feeling good whether it’s from her music, personality or her presence.

We #Cosign B. Simone for being a hardworking boss, a positive enforcement, and having a hilarious comedic personality. #COSIGNLife

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