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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Alexandra Wilkerson, Fashion Designer and Founder of DEUCXE | COSIGN #73 of 1K

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Meet Alexandra Wilkerson
Instagram: @DEUCXE
Location: Dallas

Originally from Dallas, Alexandra Wilkerson began her career in fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. She knew as early as 2nd grade that she wanted to be  fashion designer, but her interest was peaked once discovering the fashion club at her high school.

“DEUCXE is a representation of myself and God, that was developed while attending school in Los Angeles,” she says of her brand. Its a streetwear brand, unique in that she creates small quantities of each of her designs, and once they are sold out, they are no longer available. Through discipline, consistency and learning from her challenges, she’s overcome obstacles with partners and manufacturers to expand her brand to the point that she has upcoming pop up shops in several cities, most notably New York City.

Within the next five years, Alexandra sees herself owning a unisex boutique in downtown Dallas, carrying products ranging from clothing to shoes to luggage. Success to Alexandra is doing what she love everyday, and will leave a legacy of creating opportunity for those in her community, through education, financing and careers.

We #COSIGN Alexandra (and DEUCXE) for having the bigger picture of paying her success forward in mind and for her work ethic in creating one of the dopest streetwear brands in Dallas (and beyond).

Who does Alexandra #COSIGN?


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